GLOBALTEK DEVELOPMENT makes available to its clients, highly qualified Working Groups that use software engineering techniques and techniques for the development of Information systems, in different platforms and with criteria of high productivity And quality. GLOBALTEK DEVELOPMENT completes the life cycle by delivering operating software based on the functional specifications provided by the customer (which ensures the control of the evolution of their systems).


The testing center is a flexible model of execution of the service that is designed according to the specific needs of each installation.

This service is articulated in three axes:
1. Company: Functional dynamic test. Includes system testing, integration and user acceptance tests.
2. Technical: Statistical test of documents and code.
3. Exploitation: Dynamic test not functional. Includes performance, web and security testing./p>


Application Outsourcing is a model that allows aligning information technology strategy and business objectives, that is, allows you to concentrate on what gives your company a competitive advantage, delegating all or part of the functions of The systems of information of your company or organization in a technological partner. In this way companies can effectively control the cost of managing their systems and accelerate the introduction of new products in the market (reduction of Time to Market).

GLOBALTEK DEVELOPMENT 's application maintenance offering covers large systems application maintenance platforms, but also system platforms built around software solutions, X - Net site evolutions and the administration of the software. N of Datawarehouse decisionales, among others. The integral service covers the different types of maintenance; Corrective, evolutionary and preventive, integrated in the different areas of processes of large companies.


GLOBALTEK DEVELOPMENT is the company in this field with extensive experience in the implementation of CMMI and ITIL models, methodology of Application Testing, start-up of Service Management Offices (OGS), strategic consulting on Outsourcing Service (OGS) process, strategic consulting on Outsourcing processes or Business Process Management (BPM), among other areas of knowledge.