GLOBALTEK DEVELOPMENT is a company that offers services of Outsourcing of Information Technology, mainly for Specialized Human Resources, Development Solutions and Facilities for local and global clients.

Additionally, GTD has a Software Factory that offers Custom Software Development, Cash Products, Solutions for mobile devices, SaaS Solutions (Software as a Service), Automation Solutions, Consultant & Supply Infrastructure.

GTD born with the support of three different companies: Globaltek Security S.A. (GTS), MVA and Vipware Ltda. That joined forces to build a Company that offers and delivers different types of products and services to its customers.



We help our clients to leverage their productivity and competitiveness with innovative and tailor-made software solutions, IT outsourcing services, through a team of experienced, motivated and committed professionals in an operation that generates growth for its collaborators and Sustainability for its shareholders.


GTD in the year 2018 will be Recognized for its commercial development, extensive portfolio of clients and for its portfolio of own and represented products / services, always offering our customers solutions aligned to the standards of quality, safety and maintaining an excellent service..


By means of these values ​​we are in charge of contributing to the success of our clients.

Respect and Trust.
In GTD all people are important, they are valued for their work, recognizing in the diversity of ideas and people the competitive advantage that allows us to improve each day. This value is evidenced in the direct human contact that is maintained between each of the parts that are related to the organization, generating an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Integrity and Commitment.
The commitment is expressed through active participation in the success and excellence of the company, we express it by the determination, interest and dynamism to overcome us, both in our work and in our relationships With colleagues, clients and partners, maintaining high standards of professional and personal ethics and integrity.

Focus on the Customer.
We make sure to add value and inspire our customers, because we know that they come to us by free choice; Our main concern is to satisfy the requirements of the client meeting and exceeding the expectations created before a new challenge.

Innovation and Quality.
The people who make up our team develop a professional career based on experience, training and continuous learning, which guarantees their adaptation to new environments and allows us to offer our clients the best option when it comes to tackling a project . We like what we do, so each task becomes an opportunity to deliver the best of us and achieve excellence.

Teamwork and Communication.
Teamwork is for us not only a means, but an end in itself. Since with the integration of individual learning we achieve more and better results, satisfy the needs of the client and guarantee a healthy working environment that enables the personal and professional growth of all our employees.